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What is certain is that The Hague was founded by the last counts of the House of Holland. Seeking to exercise more direct control over the village, however, the Count split the village off and created a separate ambacht called Haagambacht, governed directly by the Counts of Holland.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. From the 13th century onward, the counts of Holland used The Hague as their administrative center and residence when in Holland. Floris IV already owned two residences in the area, but presumably purchased a third court situated by the apa yg dimaksud dengan gambling Hofvijver inpreviously owned by a woman called Meilendis.

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It became the primary residence of the Counts of Holland inand thus became the seat of many government institutions. Additionally, the Atlantic Wall was built through the city, causing a large quarter to be torn down by the Nazi occupants.

Attempts to include parts of these municipalities in the city of The Hague were highly controversial. Although their seat was located in The Hague, the city became subordinate to more important centres of government such as Brussels and Mechelenfrom where the sovereigns ruled over the increasingly centralised Burgundian Netherlands.

The growing city annexed the rural municipality of Loosduinen partly in and completely in Many streets were specifically built for the large number of civil servants employed in the country's government and for the Dutchmen who were retiring from the administration of the Netherlands East Indies.

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The target was an installation of V-2 rockets in the nearby Haagse Bos park, but because of navigational errors, the bombs fell on a heavily populated and historic part of the city. The territory of Haagambacht was considerably expanded during the reign of Floris V.

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This status allowed the village to grow; by the Late Middle Ages, it had grown to the size of a city, although it never received city rights. The population peaked atinhabitants around As a compromise, Brussels and Amsterdam alternated as capital every two years, with the government remaining in The Hague.

Presumably, Floris IV intended to rebuild the court into a large castle, but he died in a tournament inbefore anything was built. Inthe States of Holland, temporarily based in Delfteven considered demolishing the city but this proposal was abandoned, after mediation by William the Silent.

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When the government started to play a more prominent role in Dutch society afterThe Hague quickly expanded. In the s and s, mostly white middle-class families moved to neighbouring towns like VoorburgLeidschendamRijswijk and, most of all, Zoetermeer.

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In modern administrative law, "city rights" have no place anymore. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After the separation of Belgium inAmsterdam remained the capital of the Netherlands, while the government was situated in The Hague.


Many Jews were killed during the German occupation. The village that originated around the Binnenhof was first mentioned as Die Haghe in a charter dating from There are no contemporary documents describing it, and later sources are often of dubious reliability.

The city expanded massively to the south-west, and the destroyed areas were quickly rebuilt. He died in before this palace was completed but parts of it were finished during the reign of his son Floris Vof which the Ridderzaal "Knights' Hall"still intact, is the most prominent.

In the s, with the consent of the Dutch Parliament, The Hague annexed fairly large areas from neighbouring towns as well as from not even bordering ones, on which the complete new residential areas were built and are still being built. This led to the traditional pattern of an impoverished inner city and more prosperous suburbs.

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