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Is it interacting with others? If the child likes a specific game, what is it about the game they like? Patience If you have ever had an addiction, as yourself: Social interactions suffer, as the child will ignore the interests of others. The first step is to determine what the child is addicted to. This is why most gaming addictions continue, as the parents do not want their child yelling and screaming and will give in to the demands.

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In fact, it will be more difficult and take more time. Often these goals may be different than a neurotypical child. Many Autistic children do not understand the viewpoints of others, and will not understand how their obsession may not be as attractive to someone else. They will begin to demand access to the game, no matter the time or place.

What Are Obsessions?

While there is the need for more research about the impact of technology on children affected by autism, there is also great promise in this area. The more interactive a parent is with their child, the better the child will learn.

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While some would argue addiction can only be chemical, this viewpoint is quickly being abandoned. Visual tools work best for kids with autism.

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In most of the previous studies, visual supports took the form of static images. It got me thinking about trends I am noticing from the Clients I have who both have Autism and some form of Gaming Addiction.

Are Video Games Addictive?

Managing the Addiction If a child is Autistic and addicted to video games, how can it be deal with? Video games are addictive due to the stimulation they provide. The autistic child may want to play a particular level over and over due to the animations or sounds within the level.

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As most children with Autism are highly intelligent, they will often spend countless hours researching and learning about their obsessions. Addictions often do not start out as something all consuming. These goals may be in line with other children, such as beating a difficult level or obtaining something within the game.

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Video games provide social interaction and an environment that can be controlled and manipulated. He would play this level times in a row, over and over for days. When an autistic child likes an activity, they rarely can get enough of it. They will begin the game and start to enjoy the experience.

Most notable is the concept that therapeutic use of popular and therapeutic video games can be an excellent tool to practice and improve social comprehension due to increased motivation and generalization of skills.

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The more realistic the graphics, the more realistic the experience. At first, the game may be played on and off, especially if the game is challenging. This includes playing video games and spending time learning about their obsessions.

For someone who has Autism, it is even thinner. Games and apps have potential to reduce repetitive behavior.

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They will start to make goals they wish to accomplish. This is particularly the case for a child with Autism. Behavioral addictions, including gambling, sex, and gaming, are full blown addictions just like drugs and alcohol.

Autism & Gaming: How Obsessions Lead to Addiction