Bearishtrader's Trading Blog: Conspiracy Oil Trade Update: Rest in Peace Ken Fromm

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The identity of the individual is known to both Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams but has been withheld per request.

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With ken fromm casino to this article, I am merely reporting to the best of my ability the information sources I have referenced and make no claims as to the accuracy or efficacy of the information disclosed.

European Union will have major problems, and the Euro currency will collapse before the dollar. Iraq was therefore invaded, plans of which were premeditated well in advance. Alex Jones the radio presenter interjects that once the engineered collapse is instigated, the population will be suppressed via the police state control grid which has been constructed around the American people before-hands [under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism].

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Fromm told you about a year or two ago that the only thing that you could spare your assets in is silver and gold. Their elitist code of honor states that they must tell us what they do, before they do it. Old disclosure by Ken Fromm: When the Federal Reserve starts to buy the United States' own debt, "it is practically all over" because China and Japan and other countries are not buying our debt as they used to.

The average person will listen to the public disclosures but not recognize their significance. X since the first Mr. In order to bring in the New World Order, God had to be removed via the introduction of evolutionary theory and the control of churches via c 3 organizational status, in order that the foundation of our society could be subverted.

X asked Pastor Williams, if it is possible to repay this debt? Two of the executives formed very close friendships with the pastor the two Mr. The Federal Reserve is borrowing billion dollars every 30 days currently. X number 2 the elitist who is still living, who will henceforth simply be referred to as just Mr.

The elites' plan is to own every single thing in America. X's, including Ken Fromm and were the ken fromm casino individuals willing to confide in him and disclose the secretive plans of the blackjack knives tomahawk elite. Two examples are given by Pastor Williams of how Mr. Learn to recognize the elites' buzzwords and read between the lines.

Conspiracy Oil Trade Update: By the dollar will be dead.

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Following is the information disclosed in the latest Lindsey Williams interview detailing some of the elites' plans: Pastor Williams lived amongst the elites, ate with them, formed friendships, sat in on their board meetings and was privy to inside information and documentation. The Arabs did bring the price of crude oil down for the purpose evangelicals gambling putting certain countries in to a certain position where the elites wanted them.

Your ken fromm casino href="">casino slots cake policies will become worthless. The American people have been prevented from having this by the elite. Henry Kissinger made an agreement years ago with Iran, which Iraq refused to go along with.

X in past interviews who is still living. Regarding Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan: Pastor Williams is very adamant about the following point: With regards to the Arab world, most of them are trapped in to using the US dollar for trade such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE because of an agreement made years ago with Henry Kissinger.

We do know from the interview I have embedded here part 1 that the individual in question is 69 years of age, is a former retired executive CEO of a "major big 3" oil company and has offered to pick up the torch carried by Ken Fromm by continuing to reveal insider information disclosed to himself by other globalist elite.

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Details are again missing in the Alex Jones interview, but I included the video lecture and article link that goes over the old information concerning the oil find at Gull Island. The COMEX has only million ounces of silver on hand but million ounces worth of contractual obligations.

Alex Jones interrupts at this point and states, "even if you are not a Christian you have to understand that social engineers have to get rid of the old order to bring in the new order so that they have dumbed us down [via toxins in our food and water, propaganda in the media and a sub-par education system], taught us not to have morals so we couldn't recognize tyranny and resist it.

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The globalist elite have a code of ethics which is different than our own, which is not based on religion. It is implied that the invasion of Afghanistan is premeditated as well e. Schwarzman chairman and co-founder of the Blackstone Group is one of the globalist elite, because he said last week that he Schwarzman was leaving the country.

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The way the plans are communicated is not transparent, but rather through coded language, or certain "buzzwords". Since the information contained within is so controversial, I encourage you to read my blog disclaimer in the lower left panel which applies to all content within this blog.

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The elites' last act will be to muzzle conservative talk show hosts such as Alex Jones, and then liberals ones. Get every bit of gold and silver you can lay your hands on! The Gull Island oil find, which was classified by the US government and permanently capped, revealed foghat magic city casino november 22 there is enough domestic oil under the Alaska National Wilderness to last two hundred years at a cheap cost, without ever having to buy a drop of foreign oil.

Rest in Peace Ken Fromm Disclaimer: The elites, CEOs and other prominent corporate and financial leaders, know what is coming and when.

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