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A special regulation is tailored for a certain species or area with a specific goal in mind.

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However, it does illustrate the objectives fisheries managers must consider when devising protected slot limits. By eliminating the harvest of fish, the DNR provides a unique opportunity for individual fish to grow as large as they can in a particular habitat.

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Examples of statewide harvest regulations include the creel limit of six fish for largemouth bass and the inch minimum size limit on muskellunge. One benefit from slot limits is that it reduces the amount of competitive pressure between fish the same size. Bass 16 inches and shorter and 24 inches and longer can be harvest.

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Largemouth and smallmouth bass, channel catfish, walleye and muskellunge are among the most sought after species. Every state has their own limits for fish that are native to their ecosystems.

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They must also factor in the needs and wants of anglers who use the resource. In addition to statewide regulations, several species are managed under special regulations. The intense protection of this size class of fish caused a sharp decline in the natural available forage base for walleyes.

The DNR has implemented a catch-and-release regulation for black bass on most public lakes impounded since This reduces the competition for food among young fish and allows the fish not harvested to grow faster.

Managers must balance the health of the fishery, trophy fish potential, and desired angler harvest. Why limits are important Creel limits, size limits, and catch-and-release regulations are important tools biologists use to manage fish populations. Of course, this model assumes that the lake or stream in question contains a forage base suitable to support fish of this size.

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Closed Seasons- used to help protect fish during their spawning seasons. The first reason is to create a trophy fishery. The high number of lunker bass in these lakes would not have lasted so long under the statewide regulations. Slot-limits are usually recommended for fish populations that have high survival of young fish, slow growth rates and potentially high angler harvest.

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Currently the DNR provides this protection to paddlefish, the shovelnose sturgeon and the lake sturgeon. Minimum size limits- important when higher levels of reproduction are required.

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Besides a slot limit there are other ways and limits that officials can use to protect a fish population. The effort to increase the number of fish through natural reproduction mitigates the need for artificial stocking of a species to provide for a viable recreational fishery.

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Each type of regulation has a specific purpose. These fish reproduce with more frequency during a certain age and weight in their lifespan. Before a special regulation is placed on a species, DNR Wildlife Resources Section fisheries biologists need to study the existing population in order to predict the impact of the regulation and to provide baseline numbers which will be used later to measure the effectiveness of the regulation.

Ways to protect fish populations[ edit ] When an angler is fishinghe or she must measure the fish caught to make sure it meets the state's wildlife and fisheries requirements.

A slot limit was introduced in the early s in hopes of bettering the chances of catching a trophy bass. Slot limits A slot-limit regulation requires that all fish within a protected size-class be returned to the water.

If a given area puts a closed season into action an angler is not allowed to fish this area during specified times of the year.

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