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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Lower grade materials used in manufacturing of scope bases, inconsistent design tolerances from one manufacturer to another and other factors can cause twisting stress and cause the mount to move out of parallel with the rifle barrel.


When to use offset mounts: Depending on your specific rifle and ammo combination, that bullet is going to drop somewhere around inches by the time it gets to your target. Weaver rails have slots that are a hair narrower and shallower than Picatinny rail slots.

Note the crossbar that locks into the Picatinny rail on this Volquartsen rifle to prevent movement. As a result, you can use the scope adjustments to set your crosshairs on targets well past that range. If your rifle has a rail, or the bases available for your rail present rail segments, rail-mounted rings are the easiest solution. That, and it might bonk you in the eye when you shoot.

A degree turn using a large dowel or tool do not use your expensive scope to do this as it can damage it rotates the ring into the correct alignment with the barrel picatinny slot size locks it into place.

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Retrieved 14 January If you have to mount your scope high to account for bolt movement or a large objective lens, then you may need to consider adding a cheek support to your rifle stock. When to use rail-mounted rings: Just be aware of the differences.

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The slots on a Weaver system are primarily used as a clearance of the locking screw that tightens the clamp to the rail. Picatinny slot size you need long-term durability, foresee use in adverse conditions, or just want the best possible precision and consistency, then by all means pay the extra bucks for steel base and ring components.

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With these, the rear ring is mounted on a slide so that you can adjust the entire scope for windage. Canted Mounts and Ring Inserts If you intend to shoot at long ranges, say more than six or eight hundred yards, you may want to consider a canted ramped or adjustable ring solution. Major popularity in the civilian market.

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Given its military-ish intended use, it was named after the Picatinny Arsenal as that group was in charge of the evaluation process. Practical applications include the ability to shift quickly to iron sight use or to swap out short-range low-magnification optics for high-magnification and longer range.

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Rail-mounted rings are simple and mostly universal. Weaver rails have a slot width of 0. Compatibility with Picatinny[ edit ] The military standard, MIL-STD " Picatinny rails " date from the mids and have very strict military standard dimensions and tolerances.

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The Picatinny standard was developed by the A. The base picatinny slot size the mount attaches to the receiver as you would expect, but the rings are placed black jack facial forward of the mount position.

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To deal with this problem, manufacturers have developed offset mounts. Many Weaver-type mounts including many Picatinny-type scope rings and even the Redfield Type have either two or four screws on top of the scope casino paris 16e that hold the scope in place.

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Bases Some rifles, primarily bolt-action models, have holes drilled in the receiver for the purpose of attaching scope bases. Your rifle will usually dictate whether or not you use dovetail rings based on the type of mount bases that are available. When to use dovetail rings: January Learn how and when to remove this template message The lack of a locking bar on many Weaver-type accessories also lends to another alignment issue: These two rails, in many cases, can be used interchangeably.

Muramatsu, Kevin 14 July Different bases provide different methods of attaching the rings.

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You know, the ones with the fixed front sight gas block and permanent carry handles? Accordingly, most rings have a crossbolt that fits into said slots. Add to this the fact that manufacturers vary the standards a bit for both systems, and it becomes apparent that the prudent thing to do is try or verify before you buy.

Many rail-grabber-mounted accessories can be used on either type of rail, and accessories designed for a Weaver system will generally fit Picatinny rails - although not vice versa. You also might consider this approach if you want to use the same rifle in picatinny slot size short and long-range configurations.

Mounts need to maintain that absolute perfect alignment while absorbing the pounding of recoil forces over and over and over again.

Picatinny slot size