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Slot price for techno h6. Tecno H6 Full Specs Review, Features & Price

We also shifted all the apps that could allow to shift to the SD card freeing memory space to keep the phone fast. This feature was previously unavailable in earlier Tecno models and comes in really handy. Even at night, we were able to shoot quality videos with the help of the flash. The app automatically categorises your music and allows you to create your favorite playlists. Together with faster auto focus, the faster shutter speeds allow you to capture crisp and sharp images.

For selfie lovers, you can use the self timer to take photos without pressing any button to trigger the shutter. The earphones gave us a very good listening experience with really good sound. When turned on, this feature lets you vary how much power is used by the different functions of the phone to lays roulette chips on battery.

The H6 is also perfect for entertainment because of the support for multiple formats it has.

TECNO BOOM J7 TVC 90s Edition

We first saw these tricks in the Tecno H7 and Tecno R7. It also allows you to choose different shutter sounds or none at all. Better Low Light photography: Unfortunately, It equally drains fast especially with heavy usage.

You can also call a contact displayed on the screen by just waving your hand over the screen. Thankfully they give you the option to uninstall them if you so wish. Capacity — mAh. The second up is the new Opera Max app that basically helps you manage your data better by showing you which app is taking your data and giving you advanced controls to manage your data usage.

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We enjoyed them very much. The same can be done to answer a call — Just wave your hand over the screen when you receive a call and the the call will automatically pick up. Fluid and fast all the way The Tecno H6 features a 1. From the rectangular form factor with soft curves, the slightly protruding camera, to having the perfect size that fits in your hand, the H6 nails design. All this coupled with good sound on the earphones delivers a good entertainment experience.

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They also give you a couple of app APKs Android Application Package that you can install offline should you need them. We succeeded at activating all the 3 sleeping cores with a lot of activity but the H6 remained responsive and fast amidst the multiple apps that we had opened in the background. You can also play your music from the notification panel or via a music widget without necessarily going to the app.

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Tecno has also added the quick start function that helps your phone start up faster than usual. The first is the Du Speed Booster.

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The H6 also allows you to mute a call by flipping the screen over. We are still tinkering and if we find out, we will let you know. Gyro -sensor, Light sensor and Proximity sensor. Beautiful but still plastic The Tecno H6 like many Tecno phones has a beautiful design.

When the display is off, the home button illuminates as notification light.


Starting with the Phantom Z, the new Tecno home button is a touch sensitive square with rounded corners that also acts as a notification LED light. The new music app also helps navigate and easily find your favorite music.

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Radio and New Music App: The SD card slot can takes in slot price for techno h6 to 32GB to store all your favorite entertainment. It helps you quickly access music by swiping your menu to the left. Pre installed Apps As always, Tecno packs their phones with lots of apps they believe you might need. We have the improved notification panel that you slide from top to bottom.

The switch button then reveals a quick access panel to a host of shortcuts. The problem comes with the easy to scratch plastic back cover that also feels cheap. We are yet to confirm. The new home button that doubles as a notification light is a plus from Tecno — We love it.

Like noted above, one of the best things is that with the earphones, the H6 delivers good sound that enhances your entertainment experience.

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