Kalphite Queen

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This scene is largely included in the musical version, minus Scar banishing Nala. Spines, a ranged attack that also drains prayer points by She later argues on Kovu's behalf to allow him in the Pride Lands. Unlike her other attacks, this attack can miss. After trapping the cubs, the three hyenas are attacked and scared off by Mufasa, who has come to rescue the cubs after being warned by Zazu, whom the hyenas had sent soaring off earlier with a geyser.

Later, the next day, when Simba is injured after being ambushed by the Outsiders, she nuzzles him, but then, like Kiara, she also seems shocked at Simba's decision to banish Kovu, even though she isn't at all vocal about it, perhaps believing that, like previously, Simba wouldn't listen to her if she tried to say anything.

She, black jack king queen with Timon and Pumbaa, follow Simba, and offer to help him reclaim his kingdom. Nala as a young adult in The Lion King. She will only spawn them if she is within 10 squares of the cocoons.

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The world encounter for the Kalphite Queen has several potato cactus spawns. A private instance is initially empty and contains no item spawns.

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Ha, ha, ha, ha! Nala returns to Pride Rock with the others whilst Simba stays behind to scold Black jack king queen. During early production, Nala was given a younger brother named Mheetu.

It has two options: If a dwarf multicannon is set up near the queen, she has the ability to destroy it. At this point, she reveals that she left Pride Rock in an attempt to find help, as Scar had become a tyrant and the pride was suffering due to a drought, and the lack of both food and water as well from the hyenas overrunning the Pride Lands.

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Nala is able to see past Kovu 's rough exterior to the hero who is longing to claw out, and she is not one to judge him for his past. Once inside, the queen's chambers can be found by navigating through the tunnel.

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He was designed by Thom Enriquez. The following night, after Scar informs the pride of Mufasa's and Simba's deaths in a stampede in The Gorgeshe is seen mourning with the other lionesses, and later is in shock at the hyenas' takeover of Pride Rock as Scar takes over as king due to being Mufasa's brother and next in line after Simba. Although Nala played a minor role in the film, she was still voiced by Moira Kelly.

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Unlike Simba, she is very relaxed in her dealings with Kiara, trusting her daughter to take care of herself.