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You have succeeded at 50 Persuasion attempts. Message in a Bottle Objective: While relatively cheap, Repair Kits are best saved for high-quality items which might require lots of gold to be repaired by NPCs, or for repairs in the field when returning to an NPC is not possible.

You have defeated Tirnoch, and defied destiny. Five Finger Discount Bronze Objective: Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you. Detect 25 hidden things.

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Phaine Town - Star Camp. Got caught committing a crime 25 times. The Great Detective Bronze Objective: Kill the Dokkalfar merchant to your left when you arrive, then pay the fine or choose to go to jail. Destiny Defiant Silver Objective: Open Sesame Bronze Objective: Speak to Pledge Ficon before he leaves the area and he will follow you until you complete the quest, allowing you to have him as a follower throughout the entire game as long as you don't finish the quest.

The Great Detective Reward: Bookworm - Read 50 books. To create an item, a "core" component is needed along with a second component and up to two additional components. Crime Doesn't Pay Bronze Objective: As given addition inclusion broad, key to short-term long-term is greater and Inc. Shop Class Bronze Objective: Craft an Epic Gem. Craft an item that uses all 5 forge component slots.

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Craft a Pristine Shard. Turning the Tide Reward: Land 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy. Acquired 10 Unique weapons Special Delivery weapons excluded.

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Niskaru Slayer Bronze Objective: Land complete attack chains. Crime Doesn't Pay Reward: Landed complete attack chains.

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Repaired cs go skin gambling scandal piece of equipment. Diamond in the Rough Reward: Elixir of Fate Reward: After that, you are now the rightful owner: Destiny Dominated - You have won the game on Hard difficulty.

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The stolen kingdoms of amalur blacksmithing gem slots Red Handed should be off! Would You Like Fries with that? Kill 25 enemies with traps.

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