New northern pike zones, regulations coming in Minnesota

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Most common in our region are lakes that have an abundance of spawning habitat, but provide too little forage to support the huge number of Pike that these lakes produce. In lakes with average growth rates, a Pike at age 4 is roughly 20 inches and by age 8 reaches the inch range or about 10 pounds.

I think they'd be happy about that regulation," VanValkenburg said.

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Snakes, scissors bills, slimes and a host of other even less flattering nicknames get thrown around on nearly every fishing trip I do in the summer. News Tribune file photo You'll need a map to fish northern pike in Minnesota once fishing season opens on May Fishing Reports Minnesotathe Facebook counterpart to this page is open to the public, so you can post your own fishing update or just share a photo of a nice catch.

All young Pike start out equal. The changes were made after a series of public meetings seeking comments, but many anglers aren't aware of the coming changes. Scott VanValkenburg at Fisherman's Corner in Pike Lake said he's heard little feedback from anglers about the new regulations but understands the DNR's desire to manage for larger pike.

In these lakes, trophy Pike will probably never flourish.

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In turn, that would help reduce competition for food and increase the likelihood of more Pike reaching desirable size. Stunting, the over-abundance of small fish occurs when one of the key elements is out of balance. All of our fly in outpost cabins are the only cabin on the lake except Trout Otukamamona Lake.

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Today, these larger fish are near the end of slot size for northern pike line and very few Pike grow older than ten years of age. Be sure to reserve your fly in fishing trip early.

Before a lake can produce large Pike, the smaller fish must first reach a size where they can begin feeding on the larger forage species.

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The new pike regulations do not affect border waters fishing regulations and special or experimental regulations that cover individual lakes, rivers and streams. Be sure to reserve your spot early to ensure the lake and dates of your choice.

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In the end, all too many folks go away with the impression that Pike fishing is just a waste of time. Previously, the statewide regulation for northern pike was a three-fish limit with only one over 30 inches except on lakes where special regulations were in effect.

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If they're protected, you should eventually see more of those inchers, the 5-pounders. If you have any questions, please call, we love to talk fishing. The future of Ontario's excellent fishing is in your hands. In terms of the health of your favorite Pike fishery, it would probably be far better to remove lots of the smaller fish and some of the largest fish.

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