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Slot canyon pics, make sure you...

Canyons tend to be pretty dark places and long exposures are the norm.

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We paid top dollar to go on the round trip to Rainbow Bridge during mid day light which was not ideal. Try first to see if you can get away with it as will start to introduce noise and degrade sharpness on most DSLR cameras.

The trick to capturing the right moment is timing. Set your ISO to between and If the water is flowing really fast and hard, you may need even less time than that.

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There are many focus stacking tutorials online, so I will not delve into that in this article. In colder months, you may need waders or dry pants.

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And at any time you can click on any thumbnail pic you see to enlarge it. Please Post a Comment and Share Please feel free to ask questions, post your thoughts and experiences and by slot canyon pics means share this article with your friends. One of the reasons why Antelope Canyon is so popular is because you can visit it in just an hour on a simple walking tour.

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Accommodation Page has lots of choice when it comes to accommodation. For the shot below, I had to do focus stacks since I was so close to the right foreground wall. This shot is another example of one I had to focus stack.

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This is the kind of light camera sensors love. Upper Antelope Canyon is possibly the most famous slot canyon on the planet, and with good reason. You may need to encompass focus stacking techniques if you become too depth of field limited. In order to get quality shots in a slot canyon, you need a tripod.

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I focused manually with the Zeiss 21mm Distagon and it was a joy to use. You need them to get you in the right place at the right time and to put in some effort tossing up the shovels full of sand and pointing out the interesting formations you might miss.

My rule of thumb is to bring a polarizer for wet canyons and no polarizer for dry canyons.

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For slot canyon pics interested in seeing a technical canyon descent, you can view the video below. Others boast bold, colorful stripes in sandstone.

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Most closed ball head designs will get gummed up from swimming through muddy slot canyons. The shot below is of the Iron Room in Heaps Canyon. How can you stand out from the crowd?

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Slot canyon pics