NHL - Weekly Reader - Gary Bettman wants cut of gambling, or just wants to profit from data?

Nhl gambling policy. NHL - Gambling roundtable - How will legalized sports betting impact hockey?

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Transparency is always good for the sports fan. He's framed it as somewhere in between a necessary evil and a potential benefit for the league, provided it's stringently regulated. In another way, it truly is about the data.

What is one specific hockey bet you want to see?

It's not like the bettors expect an NBA game. Nhl gambling policy goes for the NHL, or any sports league. Fighting is at an all-time low all around hockey. I am not convinced the amount of scoring plays a huge role. He said it was his wife's idea.

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And if somebody is going to avail themselves or want to avail themselves of those assets in order to conduct their business, then we're going to need to have a negotiation," he said. Perhaps mobile in-game wagering, using proprietary data, is the end game.

If this is a way to increase interest in hockey, that's a huge bonus.

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Washington is another state I'd keep an eye on. No team with points has ever missed the playoffs. We're not talking about goals and assists here; we're talking about the treasure trove of data that the eventual adoption of player tracking tech is going to create in real-time, and the wagering possibilities that arrive with it.

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Legalization of sports betting isn't going to be the incentive to push the league toward a more direct injury report. Let's see the end of "game-time decision" and the start of "doubtful" as a definition of health. New Jersey likely will not experience the same betting spike because those teams' fan bases are not as immersed in betting as Vegas residents.

There are some opponents, such as recently retired Dallas Stars coach Ken Hitchcock, who offered specific updates. The league should change the policy anyway to make teams more publicly accountable, especially with the rise of head trauma awareness. Betting is entertainment, and those interested will embrace it.

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Bets on which team or player scores the next goal. Which, again, seems ridiculous on its face because game results and stats are public domain; but, perhaps, that's not the end game here. Which is why after the Supreme Court ruled that sports gambling would be legal in the U.

But Bettman never said he wanted a cut of gambling profits, nor has he shown a desire for the NHL to be too actively involved in sports betting.

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It all comes down to convenience, and depending on just how convenient things become, I could definitely see nhl gambling policy increased action on individual games. Which is why, one imagines, a franchise that had become a punchline for postseason futility ended up defeating three previous playoff tormentors -- and then an expansion team constructed by its former general manager -- for the Stanley Cup, with their star player forever silencing critics by winning playoff MVP.

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Bettman made waves this week when an Associated Press podcast played an interview conducted in June with the commissioner in which he appeared to advocate for the NHL to get a cut of the money wagered on it. Having the right product with stable technology and the best user experience is what will lead to customer retention.

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We break down the path for every club -- and the chances of actually getting there. It's made some nascent attempts at creating ways to wager more on hockey: The NHL has had a multiyear deal with Sportradar to monitor betting patterns on hockey.

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This was interpreted by many as the NHL asking for some kind of "vig" from casinos based on the money wagered on hockey.

Roundtable: How will legalized sports betting impact the NHL?