Baby angel slot machine manual. Full text of "Arcade Game Manual: Pachislo Slot"

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Glue the smooth side of the zip tie down. Rub gently with a Soft Cloth.

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Never drop or insert anything into any opening. The machine needs to be reset and this can be done by turning the main door key counter-clockwise to the left.

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You could put a solid wood door easily. Also, some machines have a mechanism located at the base of the hopper to help hold it in place. Installation of these parts is done at the owner's risk.

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When you have 's on the top reels you are going to hit the big bonus very soon. When the slot machine is not in use or being attended - unplug the machine or turn the surge protector off. Add tokens to hopper. Do not seal or cover opening on back and sides of hex slot. Here are the average winning odds per level: Due to the fact that some coin hoppers can't handle quarters, only the following brands can be converted successfully: Remember - your slot machine has circuit boards and Pachislo Slot Machine Ver.

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It is preferable to plug your unit into a UL approved surge protector e. You can also use your fingernail with a baby wipe over it to clean around the buttons 4. If it doesn't fall through - your done! If it lands on one of the games listed on the wheel ex.

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Reset machine by inserting barrel key in lower lock on front door and turn it to the left 4. It is hinged and will swing out. You cannot change modes while the machine is in play or when tokens have already been inserted.

You will have to remove the hopper to do the installation but there must be enough clearance for you to replace the hopper once the arm kit has been installed. Some Japanese slot machines have a transformer installed to allow your slot machine to operate on 1 10 volt house current. I have found this is a real comfortable height.

All subsequent winning will be added to the credit meter.

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Machine will not display more than 50 credits. HE - Hopper Empty - Not enough tokens for payout.

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Unlike a computer, your pachislo slot machine does not have a built-in cooling fan. Always unplug machine before attempting any service. Third - it must be strong! Here is a picture of the finished stand: Machines with 4 baby angel slot machine manual 6 reels On a pachislo slot machine the additional reels let you know when you are about to win they do not increase the payout.

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When you gambling comps baby angel slot machine manual the number, press the play lever on the front of the machine to set it. First - 1 designed a stand for my first 3 slots machines. If the hopper is connected to a wire harness be sure to disconnect it first.

They will instruct you on their procedure for repairs, replacements and returns.

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This period continues until you hit a free game. Pachinko parlors represent a multi-billion dollar industry in Japan, and older machines are constantly being replaced by newer ones. It will display a number from 1 to 6.

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How to Reset Japanese Slot Machines