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Comprar mando slot tic tac. TicTacSlot: Software para dar toda la emoción a tus carreras de slot.

And the seventh and eighth coin would require any combination of three X's or three O's in an alignment such as one leg of an X Line 7,8. The scheme as set forth above would be preferred. After the spin all button 8 has been pressed all reels will spin.

For instance, if the entire display is all X's or O's the payout would be the jackpot.

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After all reels have stopped the spin buttons 5,6,7 will light and the stand button 11 will flash. No major electronics will need to be changed.

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A payout is usually made by aligning a winning display in horizontal lines across each of the three reels. For the display shown in the drawing FIGURE 1 only the eighth coin would be a winner since three O's are aligned along one leg of an X, which is line eight. In order to have a jackpot payout the entire window display would have the same symbols in each of the nine positions. In carrying out the invention each of the reels will be covered over its entire circumference with a reel strip having exposed spaced symbols such as X's and O's and blanks.

This process with the lighted buttons will help the player enjoy the game.

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Alignment from the upper left symbol through the middle and down to the lower right symbol for the seventh coin Line 7 ; and for the eighth coin in a line Line 8 from the upper right symbol through the middle symbol and down to the lower left symbol. It would be obvious to anyone skilled in the art that the payout for each coin played could be structured in a different pay order and would depend on the manner in which the machine was programmed.

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Additionally some machines accept up to five coins, so that in addition to the above scheme, winning combinations can be made in an alignment of display windows in an X format where a fourth coin would win along one leg of the X and a fifth coin will win along the other leg of the X.

The invention will be better understood and further objects and advantages thereof will become more apparent from the ensuing detailed description of a preferred embodiment taken in conjunction with the drawings.

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Therefore, it is proposed that the reel strips be changed to display X's and O's. After the reels have stopped, the spin buttons 5,6,7 will provide an opportunity for the player to spin an independent reel one more time if the player choose to try to improve upon the payout.

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Or another way to play would be to bet what lines can be played by pressing a button at each line you want to bet, you must have bet the amount played. A payout is made for a winning display combination in the middle horizontal line for one coin played.

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That form of play, without the deposit of additional coins, makes this an "interactive" slot machine by allowing the player to interact directly with the machine. Any of the payout lines 1 indicated above that has three symbols 3 of the same configuration such as three X's or three O's in alignment will be a winner.

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If the player has deposit at least eight coins the bet all 10 button will also light. It is therefore an object of this invention to set forth a three reel slot machine for displaying running combinations of X's and O's in which the winning combination arrangement aligns three X's or three O's in a row.

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Each of the payout lines are comprar mando slot tic tac and each of the payout lines are for a specific coin played. Whenever a row of three of the same symbols 3 are in line, that payout line will pay the player only if that player bet on that payout line.

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The middle horizontal line Line 1 would payout for the first coin, the upper horizontal line Line 2 for the second coin; the bottom horizontal line Line 3 for the third coin. Therefore, each strip must have at least one section with three X's in sequential alignment and at least one section with at least three O's in sequential alignment.

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