Pet Battle System

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To put a pet into the stable, you drag and drop the icon from an active spot into an inactive spot. There are three pet types "Cunning", Feroicity", and "Tenacity" based the nature of the animal special abilities, damage causing or defesive for a massive amount of pet related information check out Petopia at petopia. Other You will not see other players' names or be able to chat during pet battles.

The cost of the stable slots is as follows: All 50 of them. Inactive pets are pets that are in the stable. And since you have a handy UI panel just for mounts, you don't need a stable for your mounts anyway!

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If you're stuck in one of the nine support classes, why not move up to the big league and play a hunter? You can ask the city guards where they are when you are in major cities.

This helps prevent your pets from falling so far behind you that they can no longer be useful. If you have any additional questions you want answered here, please e-mail them to me at mania wow-petopia. Other than that, absolutely nothing happens to a pet in the stable.

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After all, Blizzard provided this content; it was successful in driving hunters to want to engage with the content; now those hunters should be allowed to keep the rewards of defeating the content. What is a Stable Master?

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They also don't earn experience or gain levels. Elves aside, it's true that 25 slots is plenty to hold everything that we mechanically need to play the game. Possibly 2 general abilities that you could use once per game. We're glad you asked! And with over 30 families with more than different looks, there is plenty to try out. They are typically found outside most city and town inns or near the pet trainers.

Pet Journal Main article: Pet Battle Training requires level 5 and Stabled pets do not lose happiness, so they don't need food. An active pet is one that you can access without visiting a Stable Master. Pets also have there own bar of abilities called a pet bar. And sometimes it seems they are even willing to go against their unlock pet slots wow opinions in the face of overwhelming community feedback.

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You can fight these characters in a pet battle for increased XP, achievements and rewards. You also see a 3D image of the selected pet.

How do I get Pet's (Hunter)?

The five spots on the left are for your active pets. Scattered Shots is dedicated to helping you learn everything it takes to be a hunter. If you move one pet icon on top of another they will swap positions. This awesome feature was discovered by a score of hunters almost as soon as the PTR was available, though I believe Kalliope reported on it first.

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Stables are for hunter pets only. If the pet has fallen more than three levels behind you it will automatically level up to be exactly three levels below you. They will not be included in pet battle system. Pets are leveled individually and you unlock pet slots by earning achievements in pet battles. It's perfectly reasonable to want a place to keep your trophies. How do I use the stable?

However, the moment you remove the bear from the stable it will auto-level to Unless the real reason for the added slots has nothing to do with community feedback.

How do I use the stable?

The Stable Master will not open the stable UI for non-hunters. What happens to a pet in the stable? You can learn more about active pet spots in Calling Your Pet.

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After buildpets caught via pet battles in the wild will not be trade-able. On each turn, you can use 1 of the active pet's 3 abilities or swap to a different pet. Where can I find a Stable Master?

You can get every raid buff you need for whatever spec you want to play with 13 pets check out a list of the 13 hunter pets for buffs.

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