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I know somebody is going to say the MiterSet Segments Jig does not have a setting for 19 segments. Once the first plug is adjusted move on to the second one and repeat until all five are adjusted. It really didn't matter which, the end result was a slightly out of square project.

Kreg have proven themselves as a company that produces quality products for woodworkers, and it is good to see a company that doesn't adopt the attitude that second best is good enough! The Shopsmith Mark V version of this plate has a slot. So I ripped a piece of wood, 4" wide and identified one side with a couple of pencil marks.

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The other two holes are for the micro-adjust screws. Editor's Note April '06 - The new Kreg Miter Gauge Flip Stops have now been modified to include provisions for a sacrificial fence which retains the use of the cursor, eliminating the problem mentioned in the initial review above by Bill. Before we get into actually utilizing the gauge there is a fairly significant, though easily overcome problem with the fence.

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If you like quality tools that do the job right the first time and are easy to use, you need to check out these offerings from MiterSet. Review By Bill Esposito Have you ever stood back to admire your work and had at that moment notice that it is not really square?

Set your miter gauge in the slot, press the fence against the pins and lock it down.

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Notice that the mark at 1 on the lower vernier scale lines up with the 1 on the upper scale. Product Updates For various reasons this review took place over the course of 4 months.

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Always make sure when you change blades or install a dado set that the fence isn't going texas holdem anleitung deutsch hit the blade. Take for instance trying to figure out how to set up for cutting seven identical segments.

MiterSet Standard - U. The next test was actually performed with the original gauge I received. Loosen the handle, swing the gauge, and drop the pin in at the desired angle and you have set an accurate, repeatable angle.

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Here's a tip Brad at Kreg told me about. My solution was simply to apply some spray adhesive to the back of some grit sandpaper and stick it to the face of the fence. This is how a well-thought out, well-made tool works. I would have preferred a steel bar instead of the aluminum one because of the bar flex which is very noticeable when inserting the bar into a saw with a T-Slot.

Now we swing the upper scale to the left, always moving towards the larger angle, until the first mark to the right of zero on the vernier scale aligns with a mark on the upper scale photo 2nd from left. If you don't need to alter the angle use the bare pins right miter slot bar reviews setup is faster yet!

The process a little cumbersome and involves using a clamp but it works.

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The use of a sacrificial fence also provides a means by greatly reducing chipout or breakout of the back side of your material being cut miter slot bar reviews fully supporting the workpiece on the rear face as it is being cut. The flip stop with cursor works great and is very accurate as well, plus the new Kreg flip stops provide a working option if you choose to use a sacrificial fence.

You can measure this gap by using either a feeler gauge or a inside measuring caliper. Either in response to my inquiries or because of the normal transition of a new product into production, or both, a number of changes were made to improve the product.

Wiggle the bar to feel if there is any play, if there is you need to adjust the plug. The MiterSet Segments Jig right labels the holes by the number of segments the setting cuts. As with all my reviews main intent is to try to provide the reader with all the information they need to make an informed purchase. Kreg KMS fence and stop Video: We will get into their use in a bit.

The break is clean and much easier than trying to cut the rule off once installed. The two included flip stops are at center and the 24" fence on the right. What we need to do is extend them out from the bar just enough so that they take up the slack rightbut not so far that they cause the bar to bind.

The pic at left shows the dry-fit of those pieces being pulled together by a clamp. The photo at right shows you the order of assembly bolt not shown inserted through assembly for clarity. That requires adjusting our miter gauge to Simply insert the bar in the slot until the first plug is in the slot.

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