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Slot it allen key. how do i fix a smooth allen key hole? | Yahoo Answers

Some features of hex keys are: If the latter was used, then Allen's patent would not have been relevant.

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As patents expired and awareness of their advantages spread, Robertson fasteners have become popular in woodworking and texas holdem live stream general construction. Popular Science magazine would note in that "Cap screws and setscrews with heads recessed to take hexagonal-bar wrenches are coming into increasing use.

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It is much more difficult to turn a damaged rounded or otherwise internal fastener than an external one. At the least, the design or methods of manufacturing it was patented in various countries by various patentees, and its name varies.

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In pursuit of headless set screws with a better drive than a straight slot, Hallowell said, SPS had sourced set screws of square-socket drive from Britainbut they were very expensive. Its use probably increased enormously during World War II.

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The headless set screws would be less likely to catch the clothing of workers and pull them into injurious contact with the running shaft. In practice, drivers for the fasteners may or may not interchange, but should be examined carefully for proper fit before application of force.

An earlier patent covering both square-socket- and triangle-socket -drive wood screws, U. This account from Hallowell does not mention the Allen patent ofnor the Allen safety set screw product line. The term hex-head is sometimes used to refer to this type of drive, but this use is not consistent with its more conventional use referring to external-wrenching hexagons.

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This makes for a much more attractive display as well as being more practical; narrow gaps between pieces of furniture are displeasing to the eye and attract dust and small objects. Hallowell said, "Up to this moment none of us had ever seen a socket head cap screw, and what I am about to relate concerns what I believe was the first socket head cap screw ever made in this country [the U.

The story, if any, of whether SPS's methods required licensing of Allen's patent is not addressed by Hallowell's memoir. Robertson screwdrivers are easy to use one-handed, because the tapered socket tends to retain the screw, even if it is shaken.

The fasteners involved have heads that are hardened and tempered to withstand the driving torque without destroying the star points.

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Robertson had licensed the screw design to a maker in England, but the party that he was dealing with intentionally drove the licensee company into bankruptcy and purchased the rights at a reduced price from the trustee, thus circumventing the original agreement.

This was an industrial safety campaign, part of the larger Progressive Movementto get headless set screws onto the slot it allen key and shafts of the line shafting that was ubiquitous in factories of the day. The hex key, or at least its means of manufacture, was devised by the Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, and patented in The beauty of the hex socket screw is its simplicity.

The name derives from overlaying three equal squares to form such a pattern with 12 right-angled protrusions a pointed star.

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Hallowell said that "[for] a while we experimented with a screw containing a square hole like the British screw but soon found these would not be acceptable in this country [the U. This cost problem drove SPS to purchase its first screw machine and make its screws in-house, which soon led to SPS's foray into fastener sales for which it later became well known within the metalworking industries.

Slot it allen key